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Students Affairs

Recruitment Coordination Committee

The Recruitment Coordination Committee (RCC) for the Class of 2017 is the student body – officially designated with the responsibility of facilitating the procedure of recruitment for the graduating batch of 2012 – 2017.

The purpose of establishing the RCC is to create a framework within which the representatives of various organizations in the legal industry can interact with the students of the batch for the purpose of recruitment.

The Committee, governed by its own Constitution, comprises a group of seven students who have been elected by the Class democratically, through the process of secret ballot voting.
The members of the RCC for the Batch of 2017 are:

Saniya Sharma 9560740242
Srishti Singhania 9811351975
Akshaya Parthasarathy 7838793811
Pritika Malhotra 9711890536
Ravishankar M 9582306093
Abhimanyu Das 8377066468
Devashish Girish Godbole 9582394293